How Do You Effectively Control Weeds Without Chemicals?

Your lawn is the first area that will be spotted by visitors as well as passersby. Even if you don’t worry about others are thinking, the apperance of your property will still reflect on you. Besides, it will be an uncomfortable sight for you, especially if you are used to relaxing peacefully on your porch.

One of the most problematic aspects in lawn maintenance is the weed control. Yes, there are always chemicals, but we all know that they can be harmful, especially when used often. So, how can you control the weeds without the use of chemicals? Here are some tips:

  • You can try to use something to cover the weeds, so they won’t have space to grow like fake grass for example. They will be able to fully cover most of your lawns and they are also aesthetically amazing. If you will check some of your friends’ lawns, you will find that most of them are using these types of lawn accessories already.
  • Another option is to crowd your lawn with think plants, so the weeds won’t have a place to flourish. You have to make sure though that you have healthy soil so your plants can prosper. Yes, you should not give the weeds the chance to outgrow the real plants as sometimes, weeds can be persistent, and they tend to grab the nourishments that are meant for the plants. And trust me, in no time, they will escalate.
  • Tilling the soil can also help in stopping the weeds from surfacing and the real plants in growing. But you have to note that in some types of weeds, tilling can also help them resurface. So, it is best to be careful when doing this task if you aim for a proper weed control.
  • Hoeing is another option. This can address the surfaced weeds. But just tilling, it has its limits as well. So, you better do some research before doing this task or might as well hire a pro. There is a way to do this so that only what you aim for will be resolved.

The problem with weeds is they can grow without being taken care of. And sometimes, even if they are put in an adverse environment, still they persist. But with proper planning, you can still beat them without using harmful chemicals.